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Appraisal of An Aircraft – What’s Included?

Aircraft valuation helps market participants assess a jet’s value. Licensed appraisers can appropriately value aircraft. A professional appraiser can accurately assess the factors that affect an aircraft’s worth.

What’s an Aircraft Appraisal?

An aviation evaluation is an objective, expert judgment on the worth of an aircraft. Based on the evaluation and expertise, specialists who understand the used aircraft industry create appraisals. Certified aircraft appraisers offer credible views.

An appraisal helps a buyer value an aircraft. An independent, experienced aircraft appraiser’s judgment can be trusted.

A seller can confidently sell their aircraft after knowing its condition and true market worth. An appraisal records an aircraft’s health and worth and supports a bank’s credit collateral.

Why Perform an Appraisal?

An appraisal determines an aircraft’s market value so that you can advertise or buy it at a fair cost. A licensed appraiser will provide an accurate valuation so you may securely sell or buy. An appraisal prevents overspending for or underselling an airplane.

When Should You Make an Evaluation?

Before approving financing, the majority of leasing firms, banks, and insurance underwriters demand an accurate appraisal from a trained evaluator. Based on the intricacy of the aircraft, evaluations usually require a whole week to complete, so it’s better to plan an appraisal at AEROMAX, USA as quickly as practicable to guarantee the process is done when you want to purchase, sell, or remortgage your airplane.

Aircraft Valuation Expert Witness 

Expert witnesses and advisers on aircraft valuation are capable of forming perspectives, producing expert witness statements, delivering expert testimonies at questioning and/or trial, and working as advisory (non-testifying) professionals.