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How to Decide the Aircraft Values?

Making a case for business aviation by equipping your firm with a jet will consider several important factors. These include managed aircraft decisions, financing, tax issues, and aircraft acquisition strategies. Speaking of the last point, you might want to use TMV (the time value of money) to help decide. It is the assumed return on investment plus the inflation effect over time on dollars not used to pay for an asset immediately. It makes leasing a more attractive option.

Commercial Airliner Appraisals ownership in an aircraft has some advantages. You will always have its retained value and be able to use it whenever you want to. Accelerated depreciation may also offer some significant tax advantages. However, the upfront capital investment can be a disadvantage. In addition, the ongoing cost commitment, which includes a crew, insurance, maintenance, housing of the aircraft, and other responsibilities, can also be seen as a disadvantage.

However, there is no 100% financing anymore. Nor is there much money out there for Aircraft Values that are more than 15 years old. The age of the aircraft affects loan-to-value percentages. For example, financing a “young” small business jet or a six-to-fifteen-year-old middle-aged aircraft may require 20% down with 80% financing.