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All AEROMAX, USA appraisals conform to the high ethical standards of the Uniform
Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards.

Requirements for a Certified Aircraft Appraisal Report

 Naturally, the most important component of an aircraft appraisal report is the price evaluation. However, the report should also deliver the following:

  • A statement of which standards guide the report.
  • Certification by the aircraft appraiser that the evaluation is unbiased.
  • Certification that the aircraft appraiser’s fee is not contingent upon a predetermined valuation
  • A certification that the aircraft appraiser has no connection to the aircraft or any subsequent deal involving the aircraft
  • The appraiser’s statement of on-site physical and records examination of the aircraft.
  • Explicit calculations that the aircraft appraiser used to derive the value of the aircraft.
  • An inventory of the data that the aircraft appraiser used to establish price. 
  • Market data related to the craft’s year, make, and model along with two other comparable aircraft
  • The length of the report as an indication of the scope and detail of the aircraft appraiser’s work. 
  • A senior appraisers signature on the report by the aircraft appraiser attesting to all certifications
    and representations. 

An aircraft appraisal should be a reliable opinion of aircraft’s value using all the information available in a competent manner.

Our Clients Include

The New York City Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police, US Postal Inspector, US Marshall’s, Department of Justice, General Services Administration, Navy Federal Credit Union, USAA Insurance, AIG Insurance, Mitsubishi bank, and Ornge Global Air. We have also worked with high profile individuals, attorneys, banks, aircraft buyers and sellers. Our (USPAP) Appraisals are accepted by most governments and are IRS approved. 

AEROMAX, USA offers worldwide aircraft appraisals, fast service, and travel expenses at cost.

 AEROMAX, USA is registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as aircraft broker #D005188. 

For additional information about our company and the services we offer, please contact us through this website or call us at (830) 446-1064.