Aircraft Buyers Warning

Do you need an exclusive acquisition agreement with your broker/agent? Yes

Do you need a detailed purchase agreement to protect yourself? Yes

Is it possible you could pay above the current market value? Yes

Is it possible an anonymous third party could be included in your escrow closing? Yes

Is it possible your broker/agent can also be paid by the seller and possibly a third party? Yes

Should you include detailed escrow instructions in the purchase agreement? Yes

Can a logbook audit save you thousands on your first annual inspection? Yes

Is it possible to protect your investment even if the logbooks are lost or stolen? Yes

Is it possible the aircraft had major damage history not reported to the FAA? Yes

Is it possible the aircraft wasn’t maintained using the recommended factory procedures? Yes

How much corrosion if any is acceptable?

Could the above undisclosed items lead to legal action? Yes

If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.

AEROMAX, USA will find the best aircraft within your budget.