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What is the procedure of the aircraft appraisal? Elaborate.

Special attention is paid to the airframe, paint, engines, propellers, and instruments. The avionics and associated flying instruments are inventoried to ensure that they are properly accounted for when the aircraft’s worth is determined. In Certified Aircraft Appraisals, the first stage is an on-site thorough inspection of the aircraft’s appearance and interior. The airframe and engine have been modified, and there is indication of present degradation. The status of Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives (ADs), as well as any past damage repairs, is investigated.

What is the time taken?

Appraisals are usually performed by a competent expert who has an impartial point of view. In general, this provides a reliable indicator of the aircraft’s current condition to an assessor. Fill out logbooks completely, particularly if there have been any major repairs or previous significant flying dislasters. In Aircraft Appraisal the on-site evaluations might take up to ten days to complete. The appraiser must conduct any required research and gather data before assembling the findings into a report.

Other details to know: 

After the aircraft inspection and paperwork check is completed, the process of establishing the aircraft’s value begins. Our databases, proprietary tools, and a number of other industry sources are used to input information on this aircraft into the database (this database is updated every month). Once the detailed Aircraft Appraisal (typically 18 to 25 pages) is done, our Senior Certified Appraiser double-checks its accuracy. 

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