What aircraft appraisal is

Aircraft fleet appraisals are tools that assure all parties to an aircraft transaction some level of comfort. There are three levels of appraisals; each one more in-depth than the one before, each one costing a bit more as the level of analysis increases. There are three types—a pricing digest version such as the one offered to AOPA members through Vref, a desktop appraisal, and an onsite or physical appraisal.

In a pricing digest valuation, a Vref or Bluebook analysis is good for 90 percent of people’s needs. Whew. We will find the majority of transactions can take place with only a Vref appraisal. The disadvantage for a pricing digest valuation is that the data is by nature a somewhat stale—at least a quarter-of-a-year old. Also, the true value of upgrades such as avionics or STCs can be difficult to determine and may not be as accurate as more costly appraisals.

A desktop appraisal is done by a certified appraiser. What the certified worldwide aircraft appraisals does differently than a simple pricing digest valuation is to look at market data including what is currently on the market. The appraiser will also evaluate where the market has been trending as well as average days on market and use that to figure out where it is going.

A physical appraisal is the most invasive—almost like a pre-buy inspection. It is the gold standard of appraisals. The appraiser is going to get into the airplane, open panels, thoroughly examine all the engine logs and maintenance logs, and take a careful look at the aircraft.

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