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All AEROMAX, USA appraisals conform to the high ethical standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards.

This ‘sight unseen’ service provides a less costly appraisal option with a shorter turn time. It is convenient, cost-effective and allows you to secure an accurate aircraft valuation anywhere in the world, without requiring an on-site inspection. With this desktop appraisal, our accredited- aircraft appraiser will go well beyond a simple pricing comparison to:
Disclaimer included in report:

This desktop appraisal is one which is still characterized by the absence of any on-site inspection of the aircraft or its maintenance records but does include consideration of maintenance status information that is provided to the appraiser from the client, aircraft operator, or maintenance personal. This desktop appraisal will provide a value that includes adjustments to account for the actual maintenance and modifications status of the aircraft.

**Many lenders will require an on-site certified aircraft appraisal for financing, check with your lender and confirm a desktop appraisal will be acceptable.

For a pre-purchase inspection or another mechanical inspection please contact a licensed A&P mechanic who is familiar with the aircraft make and model.

The Desktop Appraisal Report is delivered in PDF format. Depending upon the aircraft type, the finished Desktop Appraisal Report is usually ready for delivery in less than 48 hours after receiving the data from the client.