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Consider Aeromax for Aircraft Fleet Appraisals From one of the Best Providers Online

At AEROMAX, USA, we adhere to the high ethical standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Examine the interior, exterior, and cockpit of the aircraft for documentation and evaluation, and identify any installed equipment, avionics, modifications, or factory options. In addition, the logbooks and documentation for aircraft were reviewed to determine their value. The aircraft was researched thoroughly and analyzed for their current market value. Comparing Aircraft Fleet Appraisals aircraft with actual sales prices whenever possible is part of this process.

In a desktop appraisal, there is no inspection of the aircraft or its maintenance records on-site, but the appraiser does take into account maintenance status information that the client, aircraft operator, or maintenance personnel have provided. Desktop appraisals include adjustments that account for Worldwide Aircraft Appraisals and modifications status of aircraft.

If you are in the market to sell your aircraft, the first step is to have a team that has the market knowledge and experience behind you. We at AEROMAX, USA can help you take the first step since our team fits those criteria perfectly.

Based on economic trends and industry forecasts, the value of an aircraft is projected at a later date.

As part of this service, aircraft damage events are analyzed to determine if a diminution in value is justified, and if so, how much. Before a diminution report can be certified, all repairs must be completed, documented, and the aircraft or helicopter must be returned to service. We provide litigation assistance as part of our Aircraft Appraisal practice from the preparatory stage through trial.