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4 Shipping Ideas To Save Dollars On Aircraft Maintenance Planning

Airlines have to meet both FAA regulations and the expectations of their customers. Aircraft maintenance planning is one area where airlines can drive down costs without sacrificing quality.

Maintaining includes many factors, including aircraft maintenance, flight schedules, and customer commitments. Then the unforeseen happens: a part is lost or damaged in transit. This is especially important if the regional airline appraisals are going via air freight, but even in cases of ground freight you want to be able to quickly identify where the shipment came from and how it arrived. Here are three ideas:

  • Use an expedited delivery -Expedited shipping often includes tracking services so you can keep tabs on your shipment’s progress, as well as a dedicated account manager who can assist should anything go wrong with your delivery.
  • Identify any opportunities This can save significant costs on an annual basis. Ship when an aircraft values is in a location that is not its base or home location.
  • Identify any ship parts or equipment on aircraft rather than by truck or other less efficient means of transportation. Again, this can save significant costs on an annual basis.
  • Develop a methodology for transporting parts and/or equipment at little or no cost i. e. if there is space available on an airline flight then it should be used.

Provide advance notice of any shipments that are coming into your facility so that it can be coordinated with the appropriate personnel and equipment needed to receive and handle it. Aircraft Maintenance www.aeromaxusa.com is a vital part of the aviation industry.