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What Does a Referral Agent Do?
In your everyday life, you may come across potential opportunities within your circle of
influence or when you meet an individual that could benefit from AEROMAX, USA
services. As a Referral Agent, you simply refer us that person’s contact information by
completing our Referral Agent lead form on this website. If that client decides to use our
services and that results in a transaction, you will be compensated for your efforts by a referral commission. A referral lead could be someone such as a client, friend, co-worker, family member, anyone looking to buy or sell an aircraft.
How Much Can an AEROMAX, USA Referral Agent Make?
AEROMAX, USA will pay a 10% commission on our gross profit for every referral that you
submit and results in the closed sale of the aircraft transaction. AEROMAX, USA has paid
referral commissions from $500.00 to $5,000.00 dollars.
How Much Time Does It Take to Be a Referral Agent?
It takes minimal time as a Referral Agent. Once you have a lead simply complete our “Referral Agent Lead form” on this website.
How Am I Guaranteed That I Will Get Paid for My Leads Submitted?
1. We will be under contract with you to assure both sides have fair and ethical expectations.
2. We will keep you informed of the listing that was generated by your lead, and once the
transaction is closed then you will get paid.
3. On the day before the transaction, we’ll request your bank account information so the escrow company can wire your commission earned directly to your account. It’s that easy!!!